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Lesley Berk - Living with Bipolar


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Lesley Berk - Living with Bipolar

Author : Lesley Berk
Publisher : Allen & Unwin Pty Ltd

Description : A practical and authoritative guide to bipolar disorder: its causes, current treatments and strategies for managing the illness and living well.
Living with Bipolar provides essential and practical information for people with bipolar disorder, their families and friends.
Two leading research psychiatrists and two psychologists, all with many years of experience in mood disorders, explain that this challenging illness can be managed. While there is no cure, it's possible for people with bipolar disorder to live well.
Many people seeking help with depression are diagnosed with a form of bipolar disorder, usually Bipolar I or Bipolar II. The authors explain the causes and triggers, both medical and psychological treatment options, and ways of preventing relapses. Drawing on the experience of their patients, they also show how to develop successful personal strategies for identifying and coping with symptoms, and emphasise the importance of a healthy lifestyle.