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World Beast War Destroy the World in an Idle RPG 1.046 - Simulation


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World Beast War Destroy the World in an Idle RPG 1.046 - Simulation


Rating : 4.5
Votes : 4,659 total

Downloads : 100,000+
Requires Android : 4.1 and up
Current Version : 1.047
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Whats new : Game update notice:1. Decreased price for Production Machine upgrade – reward refund of the price difference will be made to previous buyers.2. Added possibility to move between stages 1 and 1901.3. Adjusted Conquest measurement section – Conquest is shown in the ranking list section.4. Fixed bugs and improved stability.
Description :
🔥🔥🔥Rampage through a destroyed world and create the ultimate team of beasts!🔥🔥🔥

World Beast War is an idle RPG where your monsters are created, merged, evolved and sent to battle in a war to reclaim the Earth. Merge monsters to build the ultimate rampaging team!

Beasts rage and battle across the screen, including classic monsters like King Gorilla, Lizard God and more! Tap your beast to send it into battle or drag it onto another to combine them into a new, unique monster. Collect monsters and their lost articles to upgrade your beasts and defeat stronger foes.

Idle RPG mechanics let your beasts battle and level up even when you’re away, and auto-battle features allow you to manage the team while the monsters fight. Merge monsters to create powerful beasts, then merge those to create the ultimate monster! Pixel graphics create a retro gaming atmosphere with all new gameplay and clicker game mechanics.

Beast battles and apocalyptic action await in World Beast War! Download now!


🔥Monster Game – Beasts Battle!🔥
- Battle monsters throughout the ruined city
- Combine beasts into new, powerful monsters
- Evolution Game of epic proportions! Evolve & upgrade to become more fearsome
- Level up your beasts by feeding them tasty meat (just don’t ask where it comes from)
- Collect monsters, including rare mutant beasts with special powers!

🔥Idle RPG with Monster Merge Mechanics🔥
- Level up your beasts, even when you’re not rampaging
- Destroy the city with your beasts – you choose the formation, they do the smashing!
- Idle clicker mechanics use simple drag-and-drop tools to create and upgrade your team of beasts
- Merge dragons, krakens, robots & raccoons – has science gone too far?!

🔥Beastly Buffs – Powerups & Upgrades!🔥
Power up your beasts with diabolical inventions, epic equipment and rare relics!
- Attack Activation Drinks
- Mutated DNA
- Iron Fists
- Muscle Rebuilding Vitamins
- Wreak havoc to find more!

🔥Monster Simulator – Be the Beast!🔥
Beasts from film and game history unite with unique creatures of carnage!
- Lizard Gods
- King Gorillas
- Rampaging Robots
- Battle Toads
- Metal Dragons
- Boxing Werewolves
- Flying Manta Rays
- Locomotives of Doom
- And TONS more!

🔥Destroy the World, City by City!🔥
- Rampage through an apocalyptic world
- Battle monsters and defeat your foes
- Pulverize 8-bit cities across different landscapes into pixel powder!
- Beat em up with your Monster team and take back the Earth!

Battle monsters, collect beasts and upgrade your team in an idle game of epic proportions. Download World Beast War today!

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