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Zoe Wicomb - October


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Zoe Wicomb - October

Author : Zoe Wicomb
Publisher : New Press, The

Description : "Mercia Murray is a woman of fifty-two years who has been left." Abandoned by her partner in Scotland, where she has been living for twenty-five years, Mercia returns to her homeland of South Africa to find her family overwhelmed by their alcoholism and secrets. Poised between her new life in Scotland and her own life in South Africa, she recollects the past with a keen sense of irony as she searches for some idea of a home. October brilliantly plumbs the emotional limbo of a woman who is isolated and deracinated. It's a stark and utterly compelling novel about the contemporary experience of an intelligent immigrant, adrift in middle age with her memories and an uncertain future.
With this pitch-perfect story, the "writer of rare brilliance" (The Scotsman) Zoë Wicomb—who has just received one of the first Windham Campbell Prizes for lifetime achievement—stands to claim her rightful place as one of the preeminent contemporary voices in...